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Methalarm devices detect methamphetamine use, manufacture and contamination in properties as it happens.

Meth, P, Ice, Crystal - Methalarm devices detect the use and manufacture of methamphetamine in property when it occurs.  Allowing property owners and landlords to proactively deal with the risk of contamination before attracting high reinstatement costs.


Whether you represent a municipality trying to ensure public access to your libraries, gymnasiums, museums or other public services; or a social housing provider focused on providing best quality accommodation to the community you support amidst rising remediation, deductibles and abatement costs.  Our customers use Methalarm devices to protect their properties and notify them of potential methamphetamine contamination.

Private property for short or long term tenancy is not immune to being used for methamphetamine manufacture or use.  This leads to increasing remediation costs, risk of no insurance cover, and lower rental returns. 


Possible cross contamination in multi-unit tenancies is a particular risk as tenants take an increased interest in the quality of their living space.

Methamphetamine use by staff or visitors in the workplace is common and introduces risks that can lead to remediation costs, insurance issues, reduced floor space for selling, reputational risks and health and safety claims.



Eliminate guess work

Our methamphetamine detectors eliminate the guess work.  Landlords and property owners can proactively manage tenancies and users with accurate data to hand and a history of readings to support their decisions.


Public services

Eliminate the risk of serious contamination and shut down of public or shared amenities such as libraries, recreational centers and public restroom facilities.


Silent notifications

Our detectors notify property managers and security at the first measure of methamphetamine use or production allowing teams to respond immediately.


Reduce costs

Our methamphetamine detectors reduce the likelihood of serious contamination which results in significant insurance, rebuild and abatement costs. 


Constant detection

Our methamphetamine detectors can conduct up to 48 tests per day, 366 tests over 7 days, 1,464 tests per month, 17,568 tests per year.



Users can configure each device to suit their requirements, including sensing frequency, alert levels.  Each device has tamper sensors.  All measurements are recorded on the Methalarms cloud portal for unlimited history.

I highly recommend the P-Alert for peace of mind and to protect your greatest assets. I installed P-Alert and it gives me reassurance that if Meth was present in my rental it would alert me. With the P-Alert installed there is one less thing I need to worry about. As a landlord it is one of the best purchases I have made.
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