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Product information

Monitor for methamphetamine use, manufacture and contamination on a constant basis.

The Methalarm device package consists of;

  • A sensor device.

  • A subscription to the Methalarm portal (and annual renewal). 

  • A subscription to a cell network for data connectivity (and annual renewal).


Methalarm devices are delivered preloaded with a year's portal subscription and a year's network subscription and are ready to operate.  The device uses advanced sim technology to roam globally and across 4G or 5G network providers, meaning that most locations can be supported.  The Methalarm portal allows users to view historic data and configure device and alert settings with ease.

Methalarm portal_edited.png

Detector information

General product information

Power:  Methalarm devices use alkaline batteries (lithium batteries are not recommended).  Average battery life is 18 months.  NO hard wiring required.

Connectivity: 4G or 5G cell-network (network connectivity included)  NO WIFI access required.  

Appearance:  White, heat resistant casing.

Dimensions:  6 inches (L) / 2.5 inches (W) / 1.5 inches (H)

Installation:  Must be installed on a flat surface in a secure fashion (such as affixed to a stud).  Can be mounted on any surface (wood, steel, plastic etc.) so long as the final location has suitable 4G or 5G cell-network signal.


Detection range:  Generally suitable for an average single level 3 bedroom property (approximately 7,000 cubic feet).  Recommended installation is one device per level in split-level properties.

Methamphetamine smoke:   The Methalarm device will detect the smoking of methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine manufacture:  The Methalarm will detect the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Prior usage:  The Methalarm will detect PRIOR smoking and or manufacture of methamphetamine.

Clean air report:  The Methalarm tests the air every 30 minutes and saves results to a secure portal.  All sampling results over time are available to view or download.

Alarm Activation:  When the Methalarm device senses use or manufacture of methamphetamine above a user-defined threshold, the device will email and text message administrators with alert information.  All alerts are silent.

Tamper proof:  Sensors are located in a tamper proof case.  The device has two tamper activations which will activate a silent alert and send an email and text message to administrators.


Connectivity:  Methalarm devices are delivered preloaded with sim and network connectivity.  Methalarm sim cards are network and state/country independent and will connect to the network with the strongest signal available at your location.

Annual subscription:  Network connectivity requires an annual subscription.


Device configuration:  Portal access provides users with the ability to configure device settings and view historic device readings.

Configuration:  Device settings such as sensing frequency, alert thresholds and alert contact details are all configured via the portal.

Historic readings:  The portal provides users with an ongoing graph of recent readings of methamphetamine as parts per million (ppm).  All historic readings can be downloaded from the portal for long-term analysis if required.

Annual subscription:  Portal access requires an annual subscription.


Independent testing:  Testing has been completed by ESR Forensics Clandestine Drug Laboratories, Auckland New Zealand (New Zealand Government Agency).

Certification:  IS09001 Telarc approved, New Zealand Made, FCC Certification (USA), Industry Canada Certification (Canada).

Patents/trademarks:  US 16/472,589.

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